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    Tongue Cleaner / Tongue Scraper - CaliWoods

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    Tongue Cleaner / Tongue Scraper

    From CaliWoods

    Includes 1 x stainless steel tongue cleaner.

    We all work really hard to keep our teeth and gums clean, brushing and flossing, but what about your tongue? It sounds a bit weird, but using a tongue cleaner very quickly becomes addictive! It feels good and makes your whole mouth feel so much cleaner.


    How To Use A Tongue Cleaner / Scraper

    It is recommended to use your tongue cleaner (or tongue scraper) in the morning before you eat or drink, and then throughout the day as you feel is required. But generally once or twice a day is enough.

    The stainless steel is the perfect thickness with handles that have been designed ergonomically to fit your hand.

    1. Stick out your tongue as far as you can. Hold the tongue cleaner, with one or two hands. Find what's comfortable for you.

    2. Place your tongue scraper towards the back of your tongue, just before your bigger taste buds.

    3. Press the scraper on your tongue and move it torward the front whilst applying pressure. Experiment with your positioning and pressure to avoid triggering your gag reflex.

    4. Rinse the tongue cleaning under running water to remove any debirs. And repeat up to several times as needed.

    5. Spit out any excess saliva and then rinse out your mouth. 


    Tongue Scraper Product Details

    • Food grade Stainless steel material (Type 304)
    • U-shaped ergonomic design
    • Designed to last a lifetime

    The benefits of using a tongue cleaner

    Sense of taste increases
    With all of the additional bacteria removed from the surface of your tongue, you'll soon find that you'll start to taste your food more.

    Fresher breath
    Again, less bacteria means less unpleasant smells to linger on your breath.

    Improved digestion
    Removing the bacteria and dead cells that build up on your tongue, also results in you swallowing less of them. This in turn will improve your digestion.


      How To Clean Your Tongue Cleaner

      Use warm soapy water to clean your tongue scarper. Rinse thoroughly, dry and store in a clean dry area.

      Sterilise regularly with boiling water for 3 mins. This can be done in a pot on the stove top. Do this at least every three months.

      Maintenance is very low. The tongue cleaner is a single piece of stainless steel, meaning theres no gaps for bacteria to hide in. This also means that there's no moving parts or connections to break.


      How To Dispose Of Your Tongue Cleaner

      Your tongue cleaner will last for years and years. But should you ever need an end-of-life solution for your tongue scraper, then it can be easily recycled. Please check your local council guidelines for your home recycling bin, or use a scrap metal service.

      Want to know more about CaliWoods.  Visit their website here.