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    Wooden Dish Brush - Good Change

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    Wooden Dish Brush

    From The Good Change Store NZ

    I bet you're here because you're about to throw out your plastic dish brush, and you're suddenly aware that the only place it can go is to sit in landfill for the next 500 years.

    You need to clean your dishes though right?! So what is a better option? Don't worry, you're in the right place... this wooden dish brush from the Good Change store has been made from 100% natural materials, so once you're done with it you can either throw it into your compost, your fire or even bury it in the garden and let nature do it's thing! 


    Why You'll Love This Wooden Dish Brush 

    The Good Change Store NZ has created a very thoughtful dish brush. From the shape of its handle, the angle of its bristles and the natural materials used, you can be sure that this wooden dish brush will do the job well and eliminate your landfill guilt. 

    • Handle made from FSC certified Beech Wood
    • Bristles made from tampico plant fibres
    • Plastic Free


    How To Look After Your Wooden Dish Brush

    The amazing thing about beech wood is that it has natural properties to avoid the breeding of bacteria. So to keep your wooden dish brush looking as amazing as possible for as long as possible, follow these simple rules.

    • Clean off all food with hot water and soap after each use.
    • Store standing upright or hanging from a hook to allow it to fully air dry between uses.