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    June 24, 2021 6 min read

    What Is Period Underwear?

    The latest period product that has got NZ women talking is period underwear. But what are they? The concept is actually really simple, they are a pair of underwear with an absorbent pad built in.

    Women all around NZ are raving about how great they are and with very good reason. Period underwear is reusable making them much better for our planet, and they are so much more comfortable than plastic filled disposable pads. Once you try a pair of these, you will never want to go back to disposables again!


    How Does Period Underwear Work?

    As with all great inventions, the beauty is in the simplicity. And period underwear really couldn't be more simple. You put on a pair and carry on with your day. There is no need to use additional products, (e.g pads or cups,) the built in absorbent pad is enough. When the pad is full or you want to freshen up, take off one pair and put on another. 

    Period underwear is washable, so once it feels full, wash, dry and store it ready to use again and again and again and again! You get the idea.

    The underwear itself is made just like any pair of every day undies, but with two additional layers within the gusset area.

    Graphic of the layers of fabric found in a pair of period underwear.

    1. A soft cotton layer - The top layer of the gusset is what sits against your skin. Cotton has been chosen for this layer because it is natural, soft and breathable. Only the most delicate of fabrics to sit against your most delicate of skin.

    2. An Absorbent Pad- This is the layer that soaks up your period blood, just like a sponge, drawing it away from your body. Each style of underwear from Love Luna has a different level of absorption, but typically you can expect 10-15ml of absorption. That's about 2-3 tampons worth.

    3. A Waterproof Layer - To prevent leaks, it is essential to provide a barrier between the absorbent layer and the outside of the underwear. This layer is discreet and hidden away behind the outer layer.

    4. Outer Layer - This is the fabric that makes up the entire pair of briefs making them look just like any pair of undies. It's this layer that is soft, stretchy and comfortable. 


    A group of women from Love Luna wearing period underwear and holding balloons that read 'Love Luna'.

    What Is The Best Period Underwear in NZ?

    I am a NZ woman approaching 40 and over the last few years I have tried several different brands of period underwear and the one I find myself reaching for the most is the brand Love Luna

    Love Luna period underwear beats other brands in several different ways. All equally important when choosing which ones you're going to spend your money on. 

    Love Luna Period Underwear is Comfortable

    NZ women are busy, we have families, we work and we like to stay active. We don't want to be digging our undies out from between our bum cheeks and we don't want to be constantly adjusting ourselves to get comfortable. 

    Love Luna are a brand that has been designed and created by women for women. They are an all female team of all shapes and sizes with years of experience designing underwear. The fabrics and styles have been meticulously designed and trialled and their final products are super comfortable.

    Love Luna Period Underwear is Affordable

    If you've browsed the NZ market for period underwear then you've seen the price tags ranging from $26-$45 for a single pair of underwear. Eye watering right?! Love Luna have made a conscious choice to make their underwear more accessible to women in NZ. And they've done this by creating the cheapest possible price tag at just $17 per pair. 

    Love Luna Period Underwear Works!

    Ultimately women need a period product that they can rely on. There's no point buying a cheap product if it's going to leak after ten minutes and that's NOT what you get with Love Luna period underwear. They have put so much thought into their design that thousands of NZ women have made the switch to being 100% waste free during their periods.

    Here's one women's honest review... 


    Tasha Strachan is a vlogger from Australia, who specialises in cruelty free beauty and living a vegan lifestyle.


    Is Period Underwear Safe?

    Absolutely! Period underwear is no different to wearing a disposable pad, your menstrual blood is absorbed into the pad until rinsed off and then a simple cycle in your washing machine washes away the rest.

    In truth, women actually find that they prefer period underwear to disposable pads. They're more comfortable, they smell less and you never run out! 


    How Often Do You Need To Change Your Period Underwear?

    This question is a little more tricky to answer. All women experience different flows during their periods, and these change from day to day. Period underwear, just like a pad has a level of absorbency that it can deal with. Typically this is 10-15mls, (2-3 tampons) so once you get close to that limit you'll need to change them just like you would when a disposable pad was full. 

    You may be thinking that you heard period underwear could be worn all day, and many brands of period underwear do boast this. Sounds too good to be true right? In truth it is. Although your menstrual blood is sterile whilst inside your body (the reason you can wear a menstrual cup all day) the moment it leaves your body environmental bacteria (this is everywhere and is totally normal) touches it and starts to create an unpleasant smell. The longer you leave it, the worse this gets. So even if you only have a light flow, you'll probably want to change your period underwear at least once a day. 

    But period underwear can be worn for longer periods of time than disposable pads. Even on your heavier days. Switching to reusables made me realise how many chemicals were put into disposables to make them 'smell nicer' but in reality I think many of us find it the opposite. 

    A pair of Love Luna period underwear with the absorbency shown. 10-15mls.

    How To Wash Period Underwear?

    So, you're intrigued by period underwear but a little put off by having to wash them. I think many women feel exactly the same way before they give them a try. But in all honesty, washing them is so easy and not at all disgusting, in any way. If you're still unsure, I recommend you get yourself just one pair. Try them out, wash them and see how you feel. 

    So, when it comes time to wash your pair of period underwear you do these 3 things, rinse, wash and dry. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    Three steps to washing period underwear

    1. Rinse - Rinse off as much of your menstrual blood as you can. It doesn't have to be perfect, just get most of it off. This can be done as soon as you take them off, if you're at home, or at the end of the day when you can do two or three pairs at the same time. Use cold water, as heat causes blood to fix and stain fabrics.  

    2. Wash - Throw your period underwear into the washing machine with a normal load of clothes. You don't need to worry about keeping them seperate as you will have already rinsed most of the blood off. Choose a cold cycle and nothing too intensive.

    3. Dry - Hang your period underwear to dry. You can either hang them on the line outside or on a laundry hanger in the house. Don't use the dryer as that will decrease the life of your underwear and you want them to last as long as possible.


    Are Period Underwear Worth The Cost?

    In short... yes!

    I appreciate that period underwear is a fairly big cost up front, especially to stock up on enough pairs to last you through a cycle. But once you have them, you can use and reuse them month after month, after month. 

    And although they are a waste-free product, the benefits go far beyond that. They are so much more comfortable, they smell less and over time you will save money. 

    A pair of Full brief Love Luna period underwear - with words reading 'perfect for sleep'

    Where Can I Buy Period Underwear in NZ?

    Are you ready to take the plunge and give period underwear a go? It will be the best decision you make today. Just imagine... today could very well be your first step towards enjoying zero waste periods month after month.

    Grab your Love Luna period underwear here Reuseful.co.nz.  

    Or click on your preferred style below; bikini, midi or full brief?

     A pair of midi brief period underwear being modelled. A pair of full brief period underwear being modelled.


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