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Love Luna Period Underwear - Full Brief

18 reviews

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Love Luna Period Underwear - Full Brief

You deserve to feel comfortable during your periods.

These full briefs from Love Luna are perfect for wearing at night, for new mums, for those with a heavier flow and for women who just like big pants!

The full briefs have been designed with comfort in mind. They are made from soft cotton and have a high waist band.

Love Luna Full Brief design graphic


How Do Love Luna Full Briefs Work?

What makes this period underwear so magic is its super comfortable pad, that has been built into what looks and feels like a usual pair of every day undies! 

A graphic showing the four layers that make up the pad built into the Love Luna Full Brief.

1. Soft cotton lining - This is the layer of fabric that sits right against your skin. Love Luna have chosen to use a soft and natural fabric for this layer to ensure that you get the best comfort possible.

2. Absorbent pad - This layer absorbs your menstrual blood, drawing it away from your skin and holding it there until rinsed away. In the full brief this pad is longer than the ones built into the Midi or Bikini briefs. This makes this style of period underwear the best choice for heavier flows or for wearing at night when you might leak out the back of a regular sized pad.

3. Waterproof layer - This layer sits between the absorbent pad and the outer cotton of the period underwear. It ensures that you don't leak through the outer fabric ensuring that you stay confident and leak free!

4. Outer cotton lining - This is the layer that makes up the entire pair of briefs. From the outside, they look like a normal pair of underwear. Made from soft cotton, these full briefs are super comfortable.


Can I Wear Period Underwear All Day?

The honest answer is, it depends. If you have a light flow that day, then yes, absolutely. If you have a heavier flow then no, you're going to want to change your period underwear more often. Why?...

Period underwear does have a more absorbent pad than disposables, but it's still a pad with a limit to how much it can hold. The full brief can hold up to 15-20ml which is about the same as 3-4 regular tampons. Sounds a lot right? That should last all day, but also consider this...

Inside your body, your period blood is sterile and clean. (That's why you can wear menstrual cups for up to 12 hours at a time.) But the moment it leaves your body environmental bacteria (which is everywhere and totally normal,) starts to make your period blood smell. After a few hours, it can get too smelly, and so for that reason alone, you'll want to pop on a clean pair, as you would if you were wearing a disposable pad that wasn't quite full yet.


Love Luna Full Brief Product Features

  • Reusable
  • Machine washable
  • Absorbent (15-20mls)
  • Made from soft cotton
  • Soft and breathable
  • 3mm gusset thickness
  • High waisted full brief
  • Great for wearing overnight
  • Great for heavier flows


How To Wash Period Underwear?

If you're new to reusable period underwear then this is probably the part that you're less sure of. But let me put your mind at ease, washing them is quite literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

1. Rinse - Either when you take them off, or just before you pop them into the washing machine, rinse off as much of your menstrual blood as you can. Use cold water, as heat will make your blood stain.

2. Wash - Pop them into your washing machine on a cold cycle with your other clothes or towels. You will have rinsed off most of your blood so there's no need to seperate them into their own cycle. 

3. Dry - Hang your period underwear to dry, in the sun if you can.

Please note: Do NOT; use fabric softener, tumble dry, bleach, soak, iron or dry clean.  These could damage and shorten the life span of your Love Luna Full Briefs and you want to keep them for as long as you can right?


Love Luna Full Brief Size Guide

If you are unsure of what size you need, then I recommend using the size guide below to make the best choice, but then purchasing just one pair of Love Luna full briefs to try out.

Note: Due to hygiene reasons, we are unable to offer exchanges or refunds for whatever reason. 

Then once you know what size is perfect for you, you can come back and stock up on your reusables to ensure you have enough to enjoy waste free periods month after month.

Love Luna Period Underwear Size Guide



What is the difference between the Love Luna Styles?

Bikini Brief - Looks like every day underwear. Pretty with a cute lace trim. The bikini style has the lowest waist line.

Midi Brief - Great for teens, work-outs, or those wanting a little more bum coverage. The Midi style has a slightly lower leg cut, covering your bum a little more and a slightly higher waist line than the bikini briefs.

Full Brief -Great for heavier periods, overnight protection or for women who like to cover their belly. The style gives you a higher waist band, extra absorbency and unlike the other two styles has an outer layer made from cotton.


Please wash your period undies before you wear them for the first time.


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    Elaine S.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    So comfy

    I was a bit hmmmm getting these as I don't like pads but they are very comfy and work well. I feel better knowing I'm helping the environment a little bit at a time

    New Zealand New Zealand

    Fantastic Product, even better customer service

    My order was shipped and arrived very quickly! I originally bought these panties from The Warehouse, but they take forever to ship, and sometimes it's a month before you get your order! I did an online search and Reuseful came up. Same price, same product and loads more! I wear cotton pads and these panties, and I appreciated a small NZ business supporting this lifestyle choice! These panties have saved my pyjamas and sheets numerous times! I never have to worry about leaks or accidents (I have a very heavy flow) when wearing these. They are generously sized, I'm anywhere between a size 20 - 24 depending on the brand, and these fit perfectly and would even have a bit of room if I gained a few pounds. They are super soft and comfy. Now about the service, there was a thank you note that was handwritten by the owner Kelly, wow! A thank you email as well as a purchase confirmation email. I will definitely come here first when buying new pads/panties for my period, as well as other products I've seen on this site! Thank you for the amazing experience Kelly! All the best for you and your family <3


    Reuseful NZ

    Thank you so much for writing such a long and thoughtful review Micky. I'm so pleased that you found me and even more pleased about how chuffed you are! :o) Kelly

    New Zealand New Zealand

    Great service and product

    My order arrived quickly and the product is more comfortable than other brands I have tried that are more expensive. Very happy with purchase.

    Sarah M.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Great product

    I was really stoked with this product and find these really comfortable to wear. I would definitely recommend these

    Whitney H.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Great fit. Use on a light day/night They don't absorb lots.